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The Ellery Sno-Cruisers was incorporated in early 1994 as a club dedicated to building and maintaining snowmobile trails in Chautauqua County. With the gracious cooperation of our landowners, we have managed to build approximately 70 miles of trails in the heart of Chautauqua County. Our trails run through four townships (Ellery, Ellicott, Gerry and Stockton), connect three state parks/forest, and also connect trails maintained by three other local snowmobile clubs.

We are a volunteer organization and recently received status as a 501C3-Not for Profit Organization.  Each of our participating members gives of his or her time freely in order to keep up the clubs day to day operation. Our members come from several states throughout the country.  Each loves to Snowmobile and spend time with thier families here in western New York, where the snowfall totals can easily exceed 200 inches per season.

We certainly hope you enjoy your experience on our trail system, and do consider becoming a member of the Ellery Sno-Cruisers.  We are always looking for new members to help support our cause.

Think Snow!

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